Citrus Tiger

We have a couple new additions to our family.
A male baby Citrus Tiger Bearded Dragon and a female baby Red Albino Hog Nose Snake.  The beardie is an early birthday present/V-Day gift from the dude, and the snake is his new dame.  Neither one of them have names yet, though we have a few in mind but we're kinda waiting for their personalities to help us make the decision.

If you know us at all, you know we are all around animal lovers but Josh is particularly fascinated with reptiles. Which is why we also have a veiled chameleon, named Krypto, and two painted turtles, named Rita and Lita [we had two chameleons but our female, Karma, unfortunately passed last summer :( She was gorgeous].  
This bearded dragon is my first official reptile of my very own. He's a nip tail [meaning the tip of his tail was bitten off, most likely from a more, aggressive, alpha brother.] which is why Josh got a really good deal on him, but he sent me photos and I chose him. If you know me at all, you know by now that I prefer the misfits and underdogs.  To me, he's perfect. Even more beautiful than I imagined when I pictured how wanted my new companion to look.

Bearded dragons can live up to about 25 years. So this is basically like adopting a child. They are also mainly vegetarian. While he's young, though, we're also feeding him several roaches a day too, to ensure he gets the good stuff he needs to grow.

Yes, we [he] also raises cockroaches. 

I know that sounds horrible and disgusting and terrifying to most, and I definitely have gotten used to the "and you're okay with him having those things in your house?!" almost every time I mention it.
I'm not going to try to convince you to like them, don't worry. I never said I raise them or touch them or even get near them. That's all him.
All I will say is that I like them so much more than freaking crickets. I hated when he used to buy boxes of them. They smelled, they were loud, they hold almost no nutritional value [he had to sprinkle powdered calcium on them every time he'd feed Krypto], and they constantly escaped and got everywhere.
These roaches are clean, quiet, really good for the reptiles and the only thing that occasionally smells weird is the rotting fruit that we put in their box to feed them whenever Josh opens it for a few seconds to pick a few out to give to the animals.

Anyway, I'm sure you have no need for any of that information, sorry.

To wrap this up, I am excited to finally have a long term companion that I can raise to be my lap pet [since I can't have my cat here with me in this apartment]. Yes, I am fully aware that I will be giving birth to yet another offspring in less than 5 months that will take up most of my time and energy for the next year at least. But if you're gonna decide to add a pet to your plate of responsibility, a bearded dragon is probably the lowest maintenance pet you could ever get.

Yes, I am a bit biased.
But, look at his face. Can you really blame me?

Oh, and a few of the names I have been considering are:
and Wade.

What do you think? Have you ever had reptiles as pets?
Any name suggestions??