Gender Reveal!!

If you're as lost as I am when it comes to looking at ultrasound pictures [even when the quality of the picture isn't crappy], I'll go ahead and spoil it for you.

We're having another boy.

My appointment this past Monday wasn't even supposed to be a full 'gender reveal' slash measurement taking ultrasound, apparently. They just wanted to check out my cervix and the baby's amniotic sac and all that stuff to make sure I wasn't going to go into labor early again.
Because, you know....there must be something wrong with me because my son decided he was ready to make his debut 5 weeks earlier than he was 'supposed' to. Because I'm a machine that couldn't possibly give birth to a healthy baby 5 weeks early.....again.
[Everything looks fine, by the way. The tech literally said I look 'fantastic! you won't hear that very often at all with most people.' So...yeah, pretty sure my body is fully equipped and knows what it's doing, even though I certainly don't ;)]

Their obsession with my girl parts and 'miraculously' quick labor with my son, and my frustration with it all because I feel it's completely unnecessary, could take up an entire post itself. So I'm gonna let that be and stick to the good stuff this post is really about.

Baby boy #2 is on his way and, just like Jaxon, showed himself loud and proud almost immediately as he appeared on the screen.  Like I mentioned before, this appointment was apparently just supposed to be to measure me, not specifically to determine gender [I got dates mixed up and told everyone we'd be finding out the gender when really that's a week or so from now haha but he made it very clear what's going on down there lol so we had to capture it]. 
So that explains why we only have one picture of him right now. Don't fret! I'll be showing him off again and again very soon.

On that note, of course we are super excited about this. Not that we wouldn't be if he had girl parts instead, mind you. Having one of each would be super fun for me too, and I have no doubt she'd be awesomely cool and sassy like me regardless ;)
But at least we are fully prepared in the clothing department. Again, not that girls can't wear onesies with dinosaurs and drum kits on them, it just saves me a little money not having to stock up on all the adorable pink, sparkly and fluffy things I don't have. And I know I'd go crazy with it too, because I'm super picky about it which is why I specifically ask people not to buy clothing for us, because we like to control it a wee bit. So yeah, all this means is it saves me from spending all my diaper and formula money on girl clothing.

Jaxon is going to love having a baby brother. He already adores babies as it is, and is very thoughtful, sensitive, strong and incredibly smart.  That being said, I'm starting to get this feeling that this little guy may be quite the handful. Even during our first ultrasound to determine the due date, he was constantly moving. So much so that the technician had a hard time taking her measurements.  I mean, Jaxon moved a good bit too, as do all babies, but this little critter is constantly rolling and dancing and kicking like he's the energizer bunny on steroids. I've never seen a baby move so much so fast in the womb before. It's hysterical and a little terrifying too, I'll admit.

I just started actually feeling his punches/kicks today, so I'll keep you up to date with all that. I already expected my second to be a bit more uh...typical as far as boys and specifically second borns go. This one will probably be my 'punishment' for having such a beautiful and perfect first pregnancy, labor, birth and little boy....

But only time, and kicks, will tell.

Oh, and here's the official Gender Reveal Video that we shared through instagram!

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