Life of a Comic Addict #1

If you don't know this about me yet, I collect comics. Not just ANY comics. Not just comics based off of future value, and not comics made into TV series.

I collect 'girl comics'.
Meaning, I can't collect EVERYTHING, but I can collect a select few series and they all happen to be lead by strong, badass females. I don't limit myself to either DC, Marvel or independent publishers, but as far as characters go, I do tend to favor the ladies of the DC universe. Mainly my three favorite bombshells; Cat Woman, Poison Ivy and my personal favorite, Harley Quinn.

 [Josh got me this original signed print for Christmas last year. Still possibly my favorite gift ever.]

I could probably make an entire post about why I favor HQ, and I probably will later, but for now I'll just say that it honestly has nothing to do with her outfits, her mental issues [entirely] or any original show, movie, comic or appearance. I feel connected to her solo series in the New 52 universe because there are several aspects of her and her story that match mine, or at least feel familiar. But more on that later.

I also have recently attached myself to Jessica, my personal favorite Spider Woman, as well as the brand new, original hero, Silk, from one of the many alternate universes of Spiderman.
Though I haven't been able to keep up with newer Cat Woman, Birds of Prey or a few others that I hope to one day collect, I pick up older issues in bulk when I get the opportunity.

 [More Christmas gifts from my man. He's seriously the best.]
Through my collecting, I've found that I actually have a 'type' as far as leading ladies go. What do Cat Woman, Black Canary, Spider Woman and Poison Ivy for instance, have in common?
They are tough, independent and more concerned with their own missions than looking cute, finding a boyfriend or even being the best role model. They struggle with dark pasts that continually haunt them. And they are just all around badass, without really trying!

I started collecting Jem! And the Holograms when the new reimagined series began last year, but I have since dropped it. I really enjoyed it, but I had to give up a couple series in order to afford the main series I committed to. Comics aren't as cheap as they were when I was a kid, especially when you buy 3-5 a month, plus whatever specials come out too.

My man, Josh, is a pro. More so than I am, because I only just started collecting a few short years ago. I've always wanted to, but didn't know where to start or how to do it, and none of my friends were into it so I was alone in it until I met Josh :)

So thanks to him, I have binders for each series, I have bags and boards for each of them, and we keep them in special crates to keep them from getting damaged.  Oh yeah, Nerd level 100.

I'm so happy I have someone to enjoy this silly hobby with and I'm so happy that comics are still being printed, shops still exist and people still dress up and go to comic-con. There's something awesome about bonding with a complete stranger over a fictional character dressed in spandex because they mean so much to both of you.  
Nerds are awesome.

Jaxon is a fan of Spiderman, just like his dad. At first, I thought it was because he knew his dad got excited over him, but now it's all him. He will point out and get so excited over ANYTHING with Spidey's face or logo on it. It's adorable and heart warming.  I can't wait to teach him to read with comics and have super hero themed birthday parties. I hope he loves them as much as we do. Even if he doesn't later, I'm enjoying it while he does ;)

Are you into comics? Who's your favorite super hero/villain? Do you collect anything? 
I want to know! Share with me!!

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adrienne doolan said...

Iron Man, Im completely obsessed with him! I love it all, including his ass hole personality!

Emily Warner said...

Haha same! He's like a cocky smart ass version of Batman lol