Prepared or Not

I'm so ready to meet this hooligan growing inside me.

Actually, if I'm being brutally honest, as much as I'm ready to be DONE feeling tight, heavy and all around uncomfortable....I'm also dreading the whole birthing experience again and I am so NOT ready for this baby.

I mean, we have a pack-n-play with all the infant accessories, but no crib, and at this very moment Jaxon is currently sleeping in it because he's been struggling to stay put in his "big boy" bed lately....
We have a ton of toys, bathing/baby skin supplies, a few bouncers and walkers, all my breast feeding supplies and plenty of blankets. However, most of it is still at my parent's house waiting for us to somehow find room for all of it here.

But hey, at least we're set in the clothing department.

You know, the one thing no expectant parent really wants or needs (because they either covered it all themselves as soon as they knew, or they kept everything from the last one, like we did), but the thing that everyone wants to buy.
Even if you specifically tell each and every one who asks, and even put it on the baby shower invitations, that you want anything but clothing.
Even if you figure you can just return things and try to make the most of any credit you get for them.
Even if you tell your relatives, friends and coworkers exact products, brand names and pictures of said products that you need.
They will still buy you clothing.

Some are cute, but most of them will get packed away until the next yard sale.

Hey, call me ungrateful or selfish. I'm way too pregnant and stubborn to care.
I'm also 100% positive that I am not the only one who's familiar with this fact of life.

But enough of my cynical whining.

(Yeah, I may favor stripes, animals and skulls...but it's still better than trucks, baseballs, all monkeys and teddy bears...in my opinion.)
Today I washed and went through each and every box and bag of clothing we've accumulated to not only filter out what we'll be selling in our upcoming yard sale, but to attempt to prepare Roran's portion of my infamous hospital bag. It wasn't hard to sort out what I knew he'd never wear, but it was a bit more difficult to narrow down what to take for his arrival. I started by grabbing all the tiniest things. All the preemie and newborn onesies, sleepers, socks, hats and bibs. Then I added a very select few bigger newborn pieces just in case he somehow comes out bigger than expected.

I swear I was bigger than this when I was pregnant with Jaxon. My belly button stretched and flattened and blended into the rest of my skin rather quickly last time around. This time, at 33 weeks, you can still see a little button bump through all my shirts. I actually hate seeing it, but that's another issue. My point is, I feel like he's much smaller than Jaxon was. I mean, trust me, I feel huge, but as far as baby bump goes, I was expecting to be bigger at this point than I am.

But I could also just be remembering my last one incorrectly too. That has happened before.
Regardless, I'm preparing for a teeny weeny, just in case.

Oh and another side note, I am two weeks away from when Jaxon was born, term wise. Fingers crossed, prayers lifted, positive vibes collected that this kiddo hangs out there a bit longer than his older brother did. I still believe Jax came when he was ready to, despite my unfortunate unexpected 10+ hour double that day, but it wouldn't have hurt him to hold on a wee bit longer.

(Yeah, he Tommy Pickles it a lot...don't worry, he wears pants out of the house lol)
Jaxon loves having his picture taken. He also takes direction fairly well, too, for a two year old. The big brother shirt was purely circumstantial, but ended up being the perfect touch to these photos that started as me just recording a small selection of some of my favorite pieces, new and old.
It makes it look like he can't wait to be a big brother, when in reality every time I ask him about having a little brother, he immediately says, "No."
He loves my baby belly though, so I really have no idea what he comprehends about all this or not.

He'll hate him at first, then be his best friend and guardian.
That's what I keep telling myself anyway.

Now to finish my checklist and attempt to keep plugging away at preparations....

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