That Yak Life

I may be 33+ weeks pregnant with a history of ultra healthy but premature birth, but you hand me a paddle on a gorgeous day and I'm plopping in that kayak faster than you can say, "water birth".
(well, maybe not that fast, considering I resemble a weeble at the moment...but you get the point.)

I credit my love for the river life to my better half, just don't tell him I told you so.
I grew up terrified of boats and open water. I still get nervous on the ocean and prefer to stay on the shore for the most part. Rivers are different, though. The Monocacy, in particular, is very different. It's muddy brown, shallow and therefore a little foul smelling. But after a day or so of rain, it's a lazy river perfect for floating along enjoying the sun and taking in all the wildlife. It's my favorite way to slow down and breathe. I don't kayak to race, exercise (although it is a great way to tone your arms and abs) or fight any white waters. I prefer to take my time and forget that cars, factories, power lines and paved roads even exist.

We recently bought two new kayaks and couldn't wait to break them in. Jaxon rides with Josh and I get to maneuver around my own internal passenger. Jaxon is learning to really love it too. He's been taking trips on the river with us since he was a little over a month old, starting in his carrier in the canoe and now has adjusted to the balancing act of kayaking. He loves when we hit stronger currents and bump into rocks.
He's gonna be a coaster boy, for sure.

 (I was in the middle of eating a granola bar....just to explain my momentary lack of enthusiasm in this photo that Josh so thoughtfully took..)

Last Saturday we had what I consider the perfect kayak trip. It took place later in the afternoon, when the hot sun was on its way down, it didn't get dark until well after we pulled and packed the kayaks back up, and the trip itself wasn't too short and disappointing or too long and exhausting. We saw some wild animals, avoided most of the bugs, didn't get stuck in shallow spots and even found a lost blue ball that we passed back and forth along the way.

I'm hoping I get at least one more good trip in before this little maniac arrives. With how much I'm on my feet at work, plus the stresses that go along with it, in addition to my home projects, car issues, baby preparations and still trying to get this blog thing going....
Only two things fully help me de-stress and manage my anxiety and discomfort.
1. Crochet
2. Kayaking

Reading good comics and petting cats doesn't hurt either, though.
My next goal is to get the equipment necessary to make my Nikon water proof so I can start dipping my toes back into my nature photography. I miss it desperately and it goes hand in hand with that 'yak life.

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