Nerd Girl Crush Part 1

This has been a long time coming, I suppose.

If you've followed me or been a friend of mine (through social media or otherwise) for really any length of time, you've probably made the observation that I have a thing for the super villain-turned new wave obsession that is Harley Quinn.

Besides the fact that her solo New 52 series is what started my comic collecting, I have been captivated by her antics since I first saw her appear in the older Batman series on TV that I watched every single day after elementary school. You know the one I'm referring to.

I'm sure you've also been able to observe by now the fanatical obsession with her and her many many outfits, personas and rewritten appearances has become....annoying, for lack of a nicer word.
As much as I hate being associated with every hot pants wearing, inflatable hammer wielding, maniacal giggling teenage girl who thinks being a psychopath is cute and her boyfriend would make the perfect Joker just so she can get away with terrible clown makeup and torn fishnets at comicon......I still adore miss Harleen Quinzel with all my heart.

I'm not saying I'm more of a fan, or any better than any other fan of HQ. I mean, I've dressed up like her too, with my then boyfriend as the Joker, for Halloween. It happened, it was perfect and I rocked it. No regrets.

I'll just get down to it. Here is my list of reasons why I am, and will probably always be, a Harley Quinn Fan.

#1. She is a work in progress.
In the New 52 series of hers, she starts out in a shipping container full of junk hiding from the world. She then gets word that a former cellmate from Arkham Asylum has recently passed and left her his entire business and property along Coney Island, NY.
Her entire series is about her starting over. She pushes herself to her limits and beyond to maintain and save her new home and business on top of trying to fulfill her childhood dream of being a real superhero. With Joker in Arkham, she is free to be who she chooses to be and she chooses to try to be a hero this time around. Obviously she's far from perfect and still has plenty of psycho killer and twisted maniac sides of herself to battle with, and sometimes she loses. She's got a long way to go, but she's on the right track and it's so much fun being along for the ride.

#2. She shares my heart for the less fortunate.
Namely, animals. She loves animals. She is still a psychiatrist, after all, and is a sucker for sad stories and screwed up innocence. When she sees injustice or abuse, she does something about it. It may not always be what Batman would do, but she tries.

#3. She got rid of the toxicity in her life.
A huge part of her new life is learning to live without the Joker. She recognizes the manipulation and toxic nature of their former relationship and has removed herself from the whole thing. Just a few months before starting this series, I went through a very similar transition myself. I didn't exactly take same approach of beating up my ex in prison like she did (though I probably could have, if I was a badass psycho like she is), but I certainly relate to her struggles and ultimate victory over her past and determination for the future. She may not be the best role model, but that is inspiring to me.
#4. She's severely underrated in the intelligence department.
Before she was a bleached skinned fatale, she was (and still is) a psychiatrist with a doctorate and an impressive resume. Kinda like Pamela Isley (Poison Ivy), but with less...focus. People always seem to forget that her real title is Doctor Harleen Quinzel, so you can't really blame her when she takes it personally that so many folks treat her like a bimbo. She may dress like one at times, but what's wrong with a girl having a little expressive fun with her wardrobe, really?
#5. She's a big beautiful ball of fun!
I totally understand her appeal and don't blame anyone for falling head over heels for her. She's got style, she's got confidence, she's smart, she's sexy, she's got a soft heart despite her twisted past, and she's an all around badass. There's so much more to her than corsets and oversized hammers, but there's also plenty of those too, so the combination makes for a highly entertaining and not boring adventure for everyone! She's misunderstood, but is totally worth obsessing over.

I want to make clear that I am strictly referring to the Harley Quinn of DC's New 52 solo series. Not Suicide Squad Harley, Injustice Harley or any other appearance/series. Though I'm sure most if not all of these points still apply. I enjoy the "new" Harley because to me she is a revamped version of the silly, psycho yet lovable puddin' loving Harley Quinn of my childhood. She is the closest to what I'd imagine myself to be if I was some sort of super hero, and I relate to so many aspects of her personality and life. 
So no matter how many times they recreate her in comics, cartoons and movies, all I know is I can't help it. I'm a huge Harley fan!

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