Roran Alexander

Almost an entire month later, I am FINALLY posting again!

I initially took a break just because being 38 weeks pregnant was freaking uncomfortable and I didn't want to think about anything except having this stinkin baby.

Well, at exactly 3:00pm on Friday, July 1st, 2016, Roran Alexander Markle finally made his debut.

I began having contractions the night before, but they were spaced out by 3+ hours and weren't super noticeable until the morning. We decided to go somewhere I could do some walking to get things moving. We planned to go shopping in Gettysburg because it was kind of a half way point from our place to the hospital we preferred to go to. Along the way we stopped at Walmart and then my parents' house. My contractions were getting closer together by this time. They were about 6-7 minutes apart when we left Walmart and were at 3 minutes and much stronger by the time we were at my parents. 

Why we were so nonchalant about this, knowing how quickly things happened with Jaxon, is truly beyond me. We should have gone directly to York Hospital first thing, with it being over an hour away and my history of quick birth[s]. Looking back now, I was literally less than 10 minutes away from having to give birth in the car.

I've never been one to obsess over a particular "birth plan",  but that probably would have ruined a few things for me, mentally and physically.
Thank God we made it in time.

Let me share with you exactly what I mean by that. I'll give you a play by play.

Josh pulled up to the emergency area and got out to help me and was greeted by a valet who told him he'd park his car and where he was to go. Meanwhile I step out of the car and see a young nurse with a wheelchair ready for me. I sit down and she steers me directly inside, asking me how far along I am, how close the contractions are, etc. I didn't see Josh and Jax again until I got to the check in desk. Luckily, he was able to answer their questions while I was directed to an examination room where I changed into the cute hospital gown I'd be wearing for a whole 20 minutes.

As I was changing, my contractions were almost constant, incredibly painful and began causing me to make noises I had no control over. I demanded Josh take Jaxon out of the room and told him to get someone in here ASAP because this baby was coming NOW.

I laid down on the bed and gripped the mattress as I was surrounded by three nurses, a doctor and a midwife. I struggled not to scream as I told them that it felt like I had to poop and my body was beginning to push on its own. No time for an epidural, no time for an IV, no time to even get all my insurance or medical history or even my hair up.

One of the nurses wanted to move me to a "birthing table" instead of the bed, but the doctor said, "nope, no time. Get me mats and tools. This is happening now."

She checked me, said I felt ready, stuck a wand up to break my water for me, and I knew the drill after that, or at least my body did. I threw my knees up to my chest and the screaming and pushing began.

We got to the hospital at 2:50. Roran was plopped on my chest at 3:00.

Weighing in at 5lbs, 6oz and 17 &1/2 in long, Roran was an even tinier canon ball than Jaxon, and Jaxon was 5 weeks early. Smaller head, smaller body, darker hair and perfect all over.

Hopefully that wasn't too graphic for you. I know some folks have crazy horror stories about their birthing experiences and I know they love to share every gory detail. Mine just happened way too fast for any of that, I guess.

It happened so fast, I honestly didn't fully catch up for almost the entire 2 days we spent at the hospital. For having such a similar birth experience to my previous one, our stay at the hospital after was completely different. With Jax, we spent almost 2 weeks in the NICU because he was considered preemie and had some breathing issues for the first 24 hours, and he had trouble latching on and getting the sucking motion down when it came to breast feeding initially. That whole story is for another time, though.

As tiny as he is, Roran has been a champion feeder since his first latch at 2 minutes old, had no breathing issues and aced all his tests and pricks like a pro. He was also much nicer to my body on the way out too, which I appreciated. 

Now, almost 2 weeks later, I'm sitting on the couch typing while Jax is napping, Josh is running errands and Roran is in his bouncer swaddled, full and content. I honestly haven't had peace like this in these entire two weeks until now. I've been feeding, pumping, changing, snuggling and smooching. 

Jaxon was hesitant at first of course, but has since become very aware and even protective of his "baby" as he calls him. I was prepared for a jealous battle but so far he has been incredibly supportive and gentle through the whole process. Sometimes he tries to be a little too helpful, but he means well and I'm so glad he does. He's still a 2 year old, though, so the fit throwing, hitting and screaming is still going strong, but at least it's not about the baby, I guess. 

It's been an exhausting adjustment period for me, and it's certainly not even close to being over, but I adore my boys and am incredibly blessed and grateful to have such healthy, perfect babies, especially Roran, being the second born, because he has made the transition so much smoother than I expected. I know it will get worse, than better, than worse again and eventually better, because I remember Jaxon's growth phases. But I'm enjoying my time taking it all in, and am looking forward to everything yet to come.

My family is complete and I couldn't be happier.

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