Mombie Life Is Real

I'm alive, guys.
Oh wait, you know that. Duh.

Let me just say that anyone that thinks "maternity leave" or any time off of work after a mom has a baby, is just a glorified vacation, can kindly fall down a slide made of razor blades and land in a vat of alcohol.

(That's my way of saying that I was stupid to think I could satisfy the needs of a newborn, chase a two year old, maintain a safe and somewhat clean home, care for 5 reptiles and a dog and continue to regularly post on this blog.)

So, sorry for neglecting you. I'm not going to make any more promises. Hopefully as Roran grows and sleeps more, and I can afford to make some improvements to my organization and sanity, I can get into some sort of routine again.

But again, no promises.

Roran is doing great, and I have good days and bad. I'm usually good when I'm showered and get my coffee, but otherwise I'm generally overwhelmed and slightly depressed. My boys are my joy and keep me going. Also, Josh helps sometimes so that's cool.

Back to pumping, feeding, chasing and yearning for sleep!

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