More Like a Candle Box

I'm about to get a tad personal. Probably too personal, in all honesty.

So let me start right off with a little disclaimer:
I am aware how the internet works. I am aware of the full definition of "PUBLIC". I fully understand and even fully support the variety and diversity of beliefs and views outside of my own.
I would never claim to know everything there is to know about anything there is to know, so I am in NO WAY saying that my personal beliefs are the be all, end all, ONLY way to live.
However, I have very good reasons, based on experience, to see things the way I do and because of that, I'm pretty sure if everyone else WAS to believe what I do, the world would be WAAAAYYYY less hostile, destructive and evil. Just throwing that out there. You know, as a theory.

Whew! Okay, that's out of the way. Good.

First things first, I believe Jesus was a real person. I believe in a creator of all life and existence and light. I believe in purpose, not accidents, as far as value of life goes. I believe in the life examples and teachings of Jesus and I believe in the significance and existence of the Holy Spirit.
That being said, I also believe in Nature and the power and balance of the Universe/Cosmos. I believe that true peace is only found through a perfect balance, and that conflict, confusion and pain are a direct consequence of imbalance. I'm not talking about tip toeing, living a luke warm, grey life or any kind of apathy. Apathy does not equal balance or lack of imbalance. Apathy seems safe, but is actually incredibly destructive.
Now to attempt to be a bit more clear, when I say I believe in a creator, and the Holy Spirit, I don't necessarily mean in the EXACT biblical sense. What I mean by THAT, is I don't believe in HUMANIZING a supernatural, omnipotent being the exact way the Bible does. So, in other words, I recognize the Holy Spirit in all forms, including sensing/seeing auras, judging character based on "gut feelings", connecting with the spiritual world as a medium, or even "mother's intuition." It's ALL the "Holy Spirit" to me. It's what gives us clarity, discernment, revelation, translation, which is why I believe in the importance of it/him/her/them. I fully believe in a spiritual, supernatural, physically invisible plane that we live among, but not always in (kinda like alternate dimensions and timelines portrayed in comics and movies, if you're confused). I believe some of us are more sensitive to it and aware of it than others and I believe that, as humans, it is impossible to fully comprehend it all, and to picture God as this human looking, emotional, relational (in the human sense), sort of being, is a little....belittling, honestly. At least to me. Even if He is all powerful (which I have no reason to believe He isn't), He has pretty much relinquished all control to us. So where you stand with Him/Her/Them/It, is completely between you and Him/Her/Them/It. I believe that humans are imperfect and flawed from the start, which is why I believe life is about growth and improvement.
THAT is why I cannot believe ANY book, ANY practice, ANY organized religion, or ANY human-touched ANYTHING 100%. Does that mean I think the Bible is crap? Absolutely not. Does that mean I think all religions are the same and lead to the same things? Nope. Does that mean I think going to church, praying, studying and listening to sermons are a waste of time? Of course not.
It means, I am OPEN. I am LEARNING. I WANT to learn. I WANT to grow. And it means I am FAR from knowing enough to close myself off completely to everything else.

Don't confuse my openness with ignorance, confusion or complacency. I am quite solid in my spiritual foundation and even more firm in my views and intentions. If you ask me how I feel about something particular, I will give you a straight, honest answer (most of the time, unless it's a loaded question in which case, you literally asked for it so prepare yourself).

Do I think you are an idiot if you faithfully attend church, or think God is dead? No, not for those reasons ;)
I'm kidding. I only think animal abusers, child abusers, anyone who thinks harming anyone for selfish reasons is okay, anyone who is too set in their ways and refuses to change even after they are shown a better/healthier/loving/less harmful way, anyone who judges/harms/hates based on shallow factors like gender, race, age, etc, anyone who blindly claims climate change is a complete hoax and fossil fuels, animals and slave labor are God's gifts to us to exploit, and anyone who leaves their shopping cart in the parking lot are complete idiots.

And even then, I would never harm, insult or choke you with my "counter" beliefs, even if I did have the energy.

I believe in LOVE, HARMONY and BALANCE. And living in a way that tries to achieve that without harming anyone in the process, all while understanding that it is a process, and that I will fail more often than succeed, which is all part of said process.

Yes, I am that tree hugging, animal loving, snowflake shaped hippie.
Even if you eat meat.
Even if you drink milk or eat cheese.
Even if you hunt.
Even if you don't recycle.
Even if you drive a diesel guzzling, smoke spewing, confederate flag boasting, ear deafening, lifted and "suped up" monster of a truck.
(Which seems oddly specific, but around here, it's actually not. At all.)
Even if you bought your dog from a pet store.
Even if you spank your kid (though I recommend trying a hug and calm voice next time, just to rule it out)
Even if you believe in multiple Gods.
Even if you believe in only one God
Even if you don't believe in any God.
Even if you're a Republican.
Even if you're a Democrat.
Even if you're neither.
Even if you voted for Trump.
Well....yeah even then.

We're not robots. We're human. We feel. We think. We learn. We change. We grow. We try. We really, really try. Through all the blood, sweat, tears, urges and emotions, we try.
And with great humanity, comes great responsibility.

And that's just how I see it.

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